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"As a smaller company we do not have the budget to hire a HR person full time. Hiring Jerry & M-Power People Consulting Services has been a great alternative. It really killed two birds with one stone, we are able to use that budget on other parts of the business, yet it feels like we have a HR department on staff!

Jerry took care of everything from the get go, he explained everything to us clearly and made sure that we made the right decisions when it comes to new hires and everything else related to HR. He is also very responsive to emails and inquiries, like I said it feels like we have our own HR department in house!

Thanks Jerry and M-Power People Consulting, we will be sure to recommend you to everyone that can use your services."

Adwin Lui – Stigan Media

"I have a had the pleasure of working with Jerry many times over the past few years.

Jerry’s initial work was as an HR consultant where he quickly became a trusted resource that we could turn to when we had HR concerns. Jerry helped us with timely advice on a wide range of topics including when we were looking at making changes to our team and, when a 3rd party was needed to help navigate specific challenges. His counsel was always well reasoned and based on current best practices. Jerry helped us to ensure that we hit all the right marks when it came to building our HR polices and processes.

Jerry remains someone we will look towards again in the future when we need quality HR support."

Tom Puddicombe - Iridia Medical

"We hired Jerry with M-Power People to create our company policy handbook earlier this year. It had been a project we had been working on for a long time before hiring Jerry. Jerry was super easy to work with, very knowledgeable, and was able to get us a final version ready to roll out to our staff in only a few weeks’ time. The process was enjoyable, efficient, and effective. Our staff was grateful for the transparency and clarity the handbook provided."

- Will Franklin – Canuck Roofing

"Being a roofing company, you can imagine there's often personnel issues, and we hired M-Power People Consulting as our HR consultant. They have been excellent to work with. Rather than handling our issues, they have trained us on how to handle them, provided documentation, and they have been great to work with overall. They are available, they are responsive, and they continue to give us good support in short time. I would recommend M-Power People Consulting to anyone out there that is having HR difficulties and challenges."

- Brad Gordon - Coast Mountain Roof

"Recruiting the right person into a key position can be challenging and often unsuccessful. We used Jerry Chen at M-Power People from start to finish in our hiring process. Jerry created the posting, executed the prescreening of candidates and was a major contributor on the hiring panel. His follow-through was prompt, efficient and we were delighted with the successful new addition to our leadership team. We highly valued Jerry’s leadership and support through the entire hiring process. I would highly recommend Jerry and M-Power People to do provide you with any of your HR needs. "

- Ann Kutcher - CEO of Westcoast Family Centres Society


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    “48% of small businesses report there are few or no qualified applicants for the positions they are trying to fill.” - National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

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