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1m-power-iconI have to admit, when I first started, it was pretty scary. I left the corporate world to go solo. I recognized that there are many entrepreneurs that are growing their business quickly and they need a cost-effective solution to support their growth.

That’s when M-Power People was born and it operates in Vancouver, B.C.

Everything I do, I believe in doing what’s best for your business AND your people. If that simple formula is broken, I want to help fix it. Fundamentally, employees grow your bottom line.

By partnering with M-Power People, I want to empower you to maximize your people’s potential. Through processes, systems, programs, creativity and a lot of fun, I can ensure your people will be engaged, motivated and happy for a long time. It’s about thinking long-term and not being short-sighted.

My efforts are completed with quality, that you’re confident with it, that you’re able to use it, and that it’s making a difference in your business. Questions and concerns will come up. That’s inevitable when things are new. I won’t leave you hanging. I don’t hide behind generic emails or wait to get back to you.

I don’t see you as just a client because work becomes transactional and our relationship won’t be authentic. I got away from the corporate world because of that reason. People were employee numbers and interactions weren’t genuine. I’m that type of person where if I see something that would interest you, I’ll let you know right away.

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