Leader’s Challenge: Kill Em’ With Kindness

It’s alarming how emotionally charged I felt when a former manager made their own judgments about me being a type of person that I felt I wasn’t, even after several years after the fact. This manager came to the organization after I started. Within a month of knowing me, the manager had made judgments about my character. In my opinion, … Read More

Purpose Driven Life

It’s funny how big life changes can change your perspective on life. Whether it’s losing a loved one, having children or maybe even winning the lottery, we tend to reflect on what our true purpose in life should be. As I reflect the last twelve months, I left the stability of the corporate world to start my own business, shared … Read More

Great Leaders Have a Heart for Their People

I’ve had my fair share of working with great leaders in my career. If you asked me which of these leaders had the most impact, I would choose Linda. So what was it about Linda that made her such a great leader? A Good Leader… Being a good leader is about gaining credibility and developing your knowledge, skills and abilities … Read More