Frequently Ask Questions for Human Resources (HR) Consulting

I meet business owners and network regularly. Below are the most common questions that I get from them. If you can’t find the answer here, don’t hesitate to contact us. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Your time is precious while you’re running a successful business. When your business grows, you need people. People are revenue drivers; however, they are a high cost to your business. How do you know if you are getting the best return on investment (ROI) from your people? By partnering with me as your HR consultant, I’ll make sure your processes, policies, systems and templates are set up properly. In addition, we’ll look at how to measure the ROI of your people and implement strategies so that they are positively contributing to your bottom line.
As an entrepreneur, you probably are doing HR tasks by yourself. You’ve drafted policies, you’re doing payroll, and you’re managing your team. Things seem to be going well. Or so you think. My only question to you is whether doing HR tasks by yourself is the best use of your precious time while running your business? If you believe your time is better spent not doing HR tasks, I recommend contacting me to see how I can provide a cost-effective solution.
Depending on where you are at with your business, just having one employee will require attention to set up your HR processes and templates. My ideal partnership with business owners range from 1 to 200 employees.
No. I provide HR consulting for all types of industries. My preference is to work with small to medium size businesses. In addition to the industries I’ve worked in the corporate world, I’ve also had clients in finance, healthcare, non-profit, sales and marketing.
FREE! My first visit with you is to learn about you, your business and assess what your needs are. Following our initial meeting, I will present to you a detailed proposal which will recommend strategies and tactics to improve your HR practice. It’s a no-risk and no-obligation meeting. All I request for is 60 minutes of your time. Contact me if you want to set up a meeting.
In my initial visit with you, I will go through a thorough assessment where I will ask questions to learn about your current business and what you have today. This report will assess various baseline legal and HR compliance areas and identify opportunities that you should consider to improve your ROI on your people. Whether or not you decide to engage in a working relationship with me, this report is free for you to keep.
I do recruit and head-hunt. I’m a cost-effective option that provides a full service. As your single point of contact through the entire recruiting process, I will empower you by showing you what you need in your recruitment strategy to hire effectively and efficiently on your own for the future.
This is my most popular service because it allows us to build our relationship and see if there’s a fit between us. This service is normally utilized when you may or may not have an office manager or an HR professional. It’s quicker to call or email me than to try to find an answer online. It’s also a cost-effective solution than asking an employment lawyer or hiring an in-house HR professional.
I empathize with business owners that have a tough time hiring and retaining their own people. Employee engagement is an employee’s emotional commitment with you. In other words, are employees willing to go the extra mile for you without asking? Employee engagement should not be mistaken with an employee’s happiness and satisfaction. Those are outcomes driven from employee engagement. By looking at how well you develop, communicate and recognize your people, we can gauge at how well your employees are engaged. An engaged workforce will result in higher productivity, improved bottom line and lower turnover of people.
If you’re looking for help with hiring people, I charge between $4,000 to $8,000, depending on the role.

If you need me to provide advice or a second opinion quickly, I charge a fixed monthly rate of $450/month.  For $15/day, it’s more cost-effective than having a full-time HR professional.  This service is about building our relationship and learning about your business, so I want to invest my time to partner with you.

For all other services, our first visit will assess and determine the type of project(s) you may need.  Projects are billed based on the scope and type of involvement required.

Contact me for a no-risk and no-obligation consultation