Employee Engagement

Communicate, Develop and Reward for Performance

Staying competitive in the war for talent is challenging for small and mid-size businesses. Large companies have the ability to pay their employees higher wages and provide attractive benefits. However, studies show that wages and benefits are not the reason why employees stay. It’s about how well you engage with your people.

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment that they have to your company. They are looking for how their contributions matter to your business. If you care, then they care.

How does employee engagement contribute to your company’s success? Studies have shown that employee engagement can lead to better productivity and quality of work, which leads to increased sales and stronger customer satisfaction.

Simply put, engaged employees lead to better business results.

M-Power People will review three drivers of employee engagement:


  • Are your leaders providing frequent and balanced feedback?
  • Is your performance review process effective?
  • Do you collect and act on employee feedback to improve your business?
  • Do you struggle with how employees communicate with each other?


  • Are you providing career growth to your people?
  • Do you offer opportunities for professional and personal development?
  • Are all your people aligned with your company’s values and culture?
  • Do you have people absent more than usual?


  • Do you celebrate your people’s success?
  • Do you reward your people for achieving their goals?
  • Do you recognize your people’s effort and commitment?
  • Do your people know how their contributions affect your company’s bottom line?

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