Hiring Stars

A Cost-Effective Hands-On Approach

Recruitment agencies charge 20% to 25% of the position’s salary to help you find a candidate. That’s up to $12,500 of your own money for a $50,000/year job. Their fees go towards paying for an account executive, a recruiter, and other operating costs.

With M-Power People, not only do I find the right person for you, but I go the extra mile to ensure you are confident with the candidate of choice.

By partnering with you, I will:

  • Connector.

    Create or review the job description, for role clarity

  • Connector.

    Target passive candidates and generate interest for your role

  • Connector.

    Assess each short-listed candidate to ensure there’s an overall match

  • Connector.

    Develop a performance-based interview guide specific for your role

  • Connector.

    Participate in your in-person interviews to provide a non-biased assessment on candidates

  • Connector.

    Conduct background and reference checks to validate candidates

  • Connector.

    Develop an attractive job posting to advertise on job sites, social media and other online/print channels

  • Connector.

    Develop a benchmark profile that finds not only the right skills and abilities, but the right values to fit within your company’s culture

  • Connector.

    Provide an in-depth report on candidates interviewed to support the selection process

  • Connector.

    Review your employment agreement template to ensure it’s up to date and compliant

  • Connector.

    Provide support to establish an exceptional onboarding experience for your new hire

I am in constant contact with you to ensure your investment is well spent.


I do not charge a percentage of annual salary.  My costs are transparent and easy to understand.

It is a flat fee ranging between $4,000 to $8,000.


It will take time for you to observe if the candidate is the right fit for you.

I am confident in my process so my guarantee is 120 days (33% more than the industry average).

Single Point of Contact

You deal with one person only.

You do not have to repeat your conversations to several people.  I handle everything.

To explore how I can cater my support for you

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